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Grahame Turner Microscope


Implement pro-active pest management:

  • Building design and maintenance that minimises accessibility to pests
  • Systems and procedures that minimise attractiveness to pests
  • Pro-active control techniques to catch pests before they enter the premises
  • Speedy identification of problems and reactive control
  • Infestation analysis to minimise risk of re-infestation

Our Services

Our services that will help you achieve this

  • Quality Assurance audits to examine your premises, procedures, practices and pest control service to advise on improvements to pro-active pest management strategy for your site
  • Training of your staff in pest awareness so that they are able to be all-seeing eyes around the site, spotting signs of pest infestation as soon as it occurs
  • Investigation of the root cause, heat mapping and trend analysis of any infestations that do occur, in order to help prevent a recurrence